Monday, February 7, 2011

Reflections on Book

I thought the book had many good points about our educational system, some creative ideas/solutions, some unique spins on things, and was also, at times, over my head. The multi-layered graphs being a good example.

Some of the videos we watched for class also drove home some points the book made. For example, in the last videos we watched, Sir Ken Robinson talked about how education today is like fast food. It is cooked for the masses. He said something along the lines that education needs to be more fine cuisine. People walking into a nice up-scale restaurant for the first time would take the time to look at the menu before just ordering like we do at McDonald's. The book calls this approach disruptive. And boy would it be disruptive if each student looked at our classroom as a menu at a fancy restaurant. How could we cater to that child's needs and tastes?

I think it will be interesting to see if computer-driven education becomes the way of the future or if things basically stay the way they are. It would certainly allow for differentiation at a whole new level. The book certainly makes one think. I look forward to thinking back to the things said in the book when I talk to my grandkids about what they did at school today!!